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Our Vision

To provide media support for all development stakeholders worldwide

Our Mission

To expand the horizon of journalists for effective engagement and career advancement


About Us

The Media Opportunities Concept (MOC) is the official website of the OLAOMA MEDIA DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE (OMEDI) a nonprofit organization that provides interactive platform for journalists to access information on trainings, scholarships, grants opportunities that are relevant to their work, to be able to carry out their day to day activities more effectively and efficiently for the good of the society.

OMEDI is registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria by a group of passionate experienced media practitioners, driven by a common interest of providing capacity enhancement, support, collaboration and network building for journalists in the media industry in Nigeria. 

In ensuring that African journalists’ and newsrooms especially in Nigeria keep up with the fast global trends in technology, OMEDI focuses on promoting advocacy around Artificial intelligence as a means of survival and overcoming the core problems faced by contemporary journalism

.On this website, you will find materials and information from donors, media hubs, journalism networks, academia, and NGOs.

The website also offers regular updates on scholarships, fellowships, exchange programmes, grants, and webinars for journalists locally and abroad.

As a media-oriented website, it also seeks to enhance the capacity of journalists through the regular upload of relevant media articles and resource materials on topical issues about digital rights, misinformation, and disinformation, safety issues, news, press releases, etc 


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