Anny Andrianaivonirina: Champion of climate change in Madagascar

March 20, 2021

Anny Andrianaivonirina, President, Women journalists of Madagascar; Founder and Editorial Director LA PLUME Daily Newspaper Madagascar actively engaged in consultative meetings with stakeholders in the first week of March 2021 on improving the standard of women journalists in Madagascar

Despite her battle against Cancer, she has determined to live her life to the fullest. She involved a team of women journalists in a tree planting initiative targeted to improve and restoring forested lands as a possible strategy for mitigating climate change.

“Trees are vital for us to live as they provide us with food, shelter and medicines as well as many other useful things. They also purify the air we breathe and water that we need to survive. Deforestation by humans is causing all of these necessary functions to be lessened, and hence damaging the atmosphere even further” She stated

This initiative was lauded by community stakeholders who joined the female journalists with the necessary agricultural tools to facilitate the process

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