Earth Journalism Network offers grants for environmental reporting [Latin America]

April 1, 2021

Latin American journalists with experience in investigative reporting and covering environmental issues can apply.

The Earth Journalism Network (EJN), in partnership with the Wilson Center, will offer grants to journalism projects that explore how international diplomacy is shaping environmental policy in the region.

Applicants must submit a project with a detailed budget. EJN is particularly interested in stories on environmental degradation related to extractive industries, deforestation, illegal and unregulated fishing and more.

Possible topics include the political power of local extractive industries, the risks facing environmental activists/defenders in the region, and the environmental impact of supply chains that facilitate the export of goods from Latin America to Europe, the United States, China and elsewhere.

EJN will award at least four grants with an average budget of US$1,500. Projects must be delivered no later than September.

The deadline is April 14

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