Goldziher Prize focuses on coverage of Muslim Americans [US]

January 21, 2022

Journalists based in the United States who cover Muslim Americans can compete for an award.

The Goldziher Prize, an award for excellence in the coverage of Muslim Americans, is accepting entries. The goal of the Goldziher Prize is to encourage U.S.-based journalists to jolt preconceptions and challenge common prejudices about Islam and Muslims.

Interested applicants must submit two stories or opinion pieces in written word, audio or video, which were created after Dec. 15, 2019. Submissions should be informative, stimulating and accessible.

The winning prize for the written word and the audio or visual pieces is US$10,000 each. Two prizes of US$2,000 will be awarded for stories or editorials in any medium.

Student journalists are also eligible for prizes and two winners will receive US$500 each for stories or editorials in any medium.

The deadline is Jan. 31.

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