Improve Journalism and Account Security with These Applications

March 4, 2021

Thanks to the growth of smartphone technology and applications it has never been easier to document your thoughts, ideas, and stories. App stores are brimming with high-quality apps that are designed specifically for journalists and writers to take advantage of. These tools can vary from text editors to encrypted e-mail apps.

The downside to how advanced our handheld devices are becoming however is that almost all of our private data is stored on them. Every account you log into and every sensitive piece of information could be at risk of being hacked into or leaked. To counter these developers are integrating security features within their apps to help ensure your data is safely stored.

Another way of protecting your accounts is by adopting 2FA or two factor authentication as it’s commonly known. This extra security measure is probably something you’ve seen before. It’s a method of requiring an additional code or pin to be able to log into your accounts. This is usually sent via a text message. The benefit is that even if your password is compromised your account is still protected.

So without further ado; let’s dive into some of the best apps to help aid journalists with their jobs.

AudioNote is a great tool if you are interviewing somebody, in a lecture or taking part in a meeting of some sort. Rather than having to scribble down tons of messy notes across multiple different pages, AudioNote lets you record a meeting and synchronize notes as you go. It’s an easy platform to input your own notes that tie themselves to the audio it is recording. This means that if a few days later you are looking for a specific note; you can easily navigate through the app to find the exact time you are looking for. You can buy it on both Android and iOS.

No list would be complete without Evernote slipped in somewhere. This application is the perfect tool for organizing all of your notes, lists, audio files, videos and everything else in-between. You can also annotate documents, plan events, take screen clippings of websites and highlight key po
ints and have everything stored securely in the cloud. It’s also completely free and is available on both Android and iOS.

LastPass Password Manager is an essential tool for journalists and practically anybody else who has their personal information stored on their device. It allows you to input and lock all of your passwords away into a virtual vault. Only you will be able to access this vault so all of your accounts will be safely locked away. You can set it to autofill web browsers, input your own audio notes and generate strong passwords instantly. Get it here for Android & iOS.

LastPass Authenticator
This app can either accompany LastPass Password Manager or as a standalone app for your own security needs. It integrates two-factor
authentication for your LastPass account as well as any account which features the 2FA service. It also fully supports any service or app which supports Google Authenticator. If you want to add an extra layer of security to your device, data and accounts then this is the app to use and it’s available for Android and iOS.

Combining all of the above apps will not only give you greater levels of security and safety but you’ll also be able to improve your productivity tremendously. And although they are aimed at journalists or writers they’ll also be useful for anybody who wants to record notes and organize different pieces of information, as well as keep all of your passwords secure and your accounts protected.

Two factor authentication is an essential way to protect yourself and while it isn’t available for every single service or app that exists; it’s only growing in demand and popularity due to the benefits available.

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