September 6, 2022

September 1, 2022 is a day that will definitely be engraved in my memory and that is because it is the day I started my work as an intern at the International Press Centre located at Ogba.

 I felt both anxious and excited, anxious because I will be meeting new people and excited because I will get the chance to experience and learn new and meaningful things related to my field of study which is Mass communication. I got there by 8:30 and by then excitement was mostly what I felt, hoping to learn a lot of things. My stay at the International Press Center is something that I look forward to.

The International Press Center established in 1999 in Lagos, as non-governmental and independent media resource centre. It assists journalists in Nigeria in fulfilling their obligations of monitoring governance and promoting democratic values.

It is a strong advocate for the independence of media, freedom of journalists and press freedom. The International Press Center engages in media evaluation and monitoring, providing research and documentations to researchers concerning contemporary national, regional and international media, publishing of media resource books, advocacy and campaigns for media independence and journalists rights, therefore my interning at the international press centre will allow me to gain these knowledge and experience. Interning at IPC will provide the opportunity to also improve on my skills like writing and researching. As an intern studying mass communication, I believe the IPC has the capacity to improve on the knowledge I require in my field of study,

 There is no doubt that the IPC has a lot of experience, knowledge and capacity to offer me as an intern and I will gladly learn as much as possible to improve, expand my horizon of knowledge and contribute to my study of mass communication.  However, a skill and knowledge I am more particular and interested in is writing and research.

Writing is a beautiful skill and something that interest and intrigue me, despite not being very good at it, it is my desire to improve and develop writing skill.

Research is also another skill that IPC has to offer, and I really hope to develop and improve on it. Research is prerequisite for writing and necessary to develop if interested in writing.

To write you must research to have vast amount of knowledge and information on what you are writing about, therefore it is important for someone like me who is interested in writing to learn how to research properly to come up with a good writeups.

Though I would like to like to learn other skills, experiences and knowledge that IPC has to offer but research and writing is the top on my list, and I really look forward to developing and improving them,

Olorunwoyiye Eniola

Intern, International Press Center

Trinity university, Lagos

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