Journalism training covers barriers to health services; seeks applicants [Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria and South Africa]

February 20, 2022

Journalists based in the aforementioned African countries can apply

Thomson Reuters Foundation (TRF) and the Global Fund are joining forces to combat human rights-related barriers to health services. This important partnership aims to advance the Global Fund’s work on human rights as part of the ‘Breaking Down Barriers’ initiative, by supporting journalists to generate awareness of how stigma and discrimination, gender inequalities and violence serve as barriers to health services for some of the world’s most vulnerable populations, particularly in the context of the immense difficulties brought about by COVID-19 and responses to the pandemic.

The partnership also supports the implementers of Global Fund grants in Africa to work more effectively with the media. The initiative builds on TRF’s mission to support free, fair and informed societies and its expertise in using the power of journalism and the law to advance media freedom and protect human rights.

This will be the first Breaking Down Barriers course focusing specifically on human rights- and gender-related barriers to TB services and on the approaches and programmes that can help overcome them. 

The five countries eligible for participation in this programme are Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria and South Africa.

The deadline for receiving applications is 24 February. For more information, click MOC

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