Sounds of New York program covers podcasting [France]

November 7, 2021

French podcasters can apply to take part in this learning expedition.

As part of a new cultural institution of France in the United States, the Villa Albertine, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy the U.S. is hosting Sounds of New York: a program for seven French podcasters to take part in a one-week learning expedition to New York City to meet key industry players. This program is supported by Spotify, Radio France, SACD, INA and Paradiso Media.

During these five days in NYC, participants will benefit from:

A presentation of the podcast ecosystem.
Visits and meetings with platforms, media, studios and producers.
A peer-to-peer workshop with U.S. podcasters on developing projects.
A cocktail: French participants pitch their projects and meet with New York professionals.
A written report will be provided to partners and participants after the program. This report aims to share info and insights collected during the meetings and visits.

The deadline is Nov. 26.

For more information, click MOC

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