Thomson Reuters Foundation offers Climate change training for journalists [India]

September 13, 2022

Journalists in India can apply for this online training focused on covering climate change and inequality.

Thomson Reuters Foundation (TRF) is organizing a six-week online dual-track training “Reporting and Communicating on Just Transition – the Intersection between climate action, inequality, and labor”. The training aims to empower journalists to better report on just transition challenges and solutions in impactful and relevant ways.

Through the dual-track approach, journalists and civil society organizations (CSOs) will take part in simultaneous training courses led by TRF’s experts.

Selected journalists will attend a series of weekly online live sessions that take place over six half-days. They will also have the opportunity to receive a story grant along with one-on-one mentoring to support the development and publication of their stories.

Apply by Sept. 25.
For more information, Click MOC

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