Water Desk Grants focusses on reporting Colorado River Basin [US]

August 5, 2022

Professional journalists, freelance journalists and media outlets are eligible for grants up to US$10,000 to report on water issues in the Colorado River Basin.

The Water Desk, with funding from the Walton Family Foundation, will be awarding grants to support significant reporting efforts that lead to the publication of content connected to the Colorado River Basin. The Water Desk is an initiative of the Center for Environmental Journalism at the University of Colorado Boulder.

To apply, journalists must submit proposals that concern inequities in the Colorado River Basin’s water systems. Topics include climate change, biodiversity, pollution, public health, environmental justice, food, agriculture, drinking water, economics, recreation, and more.

Grantees must complete the work outlined in their proposals within six months of receiving funding.

The application deadline is Sept. 21.

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